LaTrobe Barnitz is a writer, author, and poet specializing in fantasy and science fiction. He has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since his mom read him the Harry Potter series and his dad showed him Star Wars as a kid. He first took up writing as a hobby in middle school after a lot of encouragement from his teachers.  When he is not reading or writing, you can probably find him in the midst of an anime or video game binge.

His first published novel, Soul Crystals: ARC of The Amuli, blends the worlds of anime and YA fantasy fiction together in an action-pack book. The project started as something to simply show off to his friends and local writer’s group before it was picked up by a publisher, Private Dragon. The story of Soul Crystals will continue on in future installments. The first sequel, Soul Crystals: The Mask of Tragedy, was released in 2021.

LaTrobe was born in Lancaster, PA, USA and grew up across the state in Oil City, PA, USA, where he currently resides. He is currently the library director of Foxburg Free Library in Foxburg, PA.

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