2022 Update

I meant to make this post about twenty days ago, but life , writing, and a full-time job tend to get in the way of website updates. Anyway, I just wanted to lay out the state of Soul Crystals here in 2022. The big news is that Soul Crystals 3 is well on its way.Continue reading “2022 Update”

If every chapter of Soul Crystals: ARC of the Amuli was a song.

I decided to give myself a challenge and reveal my own, embarrassing taste in music at the same time. I hope everyone likes 90’s and 00’s rock and metal music. Prologue- “Pet” by A Perfect Circle Chapter 1: Innocence- “High School Never Ends” by Bowling for Soup Chapter 2: The Gift- “Smells Like Teen Spirit”Continue reading “If every chapter of Soul Crystals: ARC of the Amuli was a song.”

Poem: The Silver Song

It lays in its case like the feather of a majestic bird, Cradled in deep red velvet, Metallic silver with shimmering strings, A guitar slightly younger than me, Another noisy little brother. It waits for our father, The man who still dreamed of being a rock star at 35, Or a blues player the moreContinue reading “Poem: The Silver Song”

Poem: Four White Walls

 “We’ll keep in touch. Good luck!” My dad shuts the door. The walls close in, Squeezing the breath out of my chest. Cold, concrete blocks, Gripping my arms with icy cold fingers Hospital-white walls, and The chemical-cleaner smell. I’m a patient. My disease is called “too old to live at home anymore.” The voices outsideContinue reading “Poem: Four White Walls”

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