Soul Crystals

If you love X-Men or any other superheroes, you’ll love this book. Soul Crystals ARC of the Amuli is a must-read for all comic book lovers!” – Meagan Cortez, Reedsy Discovery

Soul Crystals: ARC of the Amuli

Superhumans rule the world. That is the truth that awkward teenager Paul Engel discovers when he inadvertently becomes one of them. They are called Amuli (sing. Amulus), and they came to light only decades ago after mysterious crystals granted a select few the powers of enhanced strength and durability as well as energy manipulation. They were thought to be well under the control of the world’s governments. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Paul never wanted superpowers. After all, his father had them and was still murdered. After he comes into contact with a crystal-embedded sword, he is drawn into the shadowy organization A.R.C. (Amulus Regional Containment) by the mysterious Alice, an emotionless but powerful young woman. To keep himself and his family safe, Paul is forced to undergo combat training in order to become a weapon to fight against the even shadier organization A.I.M. (Amulus International Medicine) for secret control of the world’s businesses and governments. His training is brutal under the uncompromising but oddly philosophical Gregory Luper. As the training and fieldwork take their physical and emotional toll on this young man, the sensitive and well-meaning Paul is at risk of being twisted into something far from his former self.

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Soul Crystals: The Mask of Tragedy

Paul Engel is a 17-year-old superhuman soldier who has already been through the wringer. In his first few months as an Amuli, he has encountered hardships, torture, and death. Now part of a prestigious strike force, he continues to battle for the safety of his friends and family. As a key operative in the superhuman organization A.R.C., he begins to uncover corruption not only in competing organizations but in his own. His powers are growing faster than he can learn how to control them, making Paul worry that the person he should fear the most… is himself. Amid the constant stress of his cross-country missions, will he be swallowed by the shady A.R.C., the evil A.I.M., or by his own, high-risk powers?

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Soul Crystals: Atlantis Risen

The world is on fire. The eastern seaboard has flooded. And Adam Avery, a dangerous and ambitious Amulus, has risen the lost island of Atlantis from the bottom of the ocean. It’s up to Paul Engel and his friends to stop this threat before it’s too late. But will doing so play right into Avery’s trap? Can the overthinking Paul outthink a powerful madman?

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